Land Trust

The Encanto Land Trust preserves rapidly diminishing rainforest while securing a sustainable future for generations to come.

The mission of the Encanto Land Trust is to preserve areas adjacent to Corcovado, the largest remaining rainforest in Central America, include local population as stewards, while providing an educational center and learning tools for scientists, educators, students, and volunteers.

In addition to preserving an area currently threatened with over development in a manner detrimental to the ecological balance of the region, our intention is to preserve these areas in a manner which integrates with the existing community. This involves including adjacent to villages to allow for stewardship to develop and maintain accessibility of resources.

With proper planning we can avoid displacement of the local population by providing access to resources for sustainable farming, and develop income strategy for economic sustainability for local population. These would include permaculture farming, local guides, eco-tourism providing food, shelter (home stay in addition to eco-lodge), entertainment, art and activities to visitors.

Long term planning involves Encanto Land Trust which contains an education center, self-sustaining eco-lodge for tourists, other lodging resources for scientist, educators, visitors, and conservation groups in the region and ties-in with existing conservation organizations and efforts already in place..

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