Encanto Youth Program

Encanto means enchantment and our focus is to create educational media and experiences that support and inspire onsite conservation work, youth programs, and sustainable practices in remote rainforest regions of Costa Rica, as well as awareness internationally of the successes and needs of these practices.

This is done in conjunction with community stewardship of these areas through renewable resource development, guides, educators, project managers and leaders, as well as sustainable ecotourism. Conexiones and their involvement in the Connections program bring youth and volunteers to Costa Rica. They engage in local preservation and restoration projects whose long lasting effects on the local community not only support the community but also empower them to educate others. Our hope is to bring five inner city youth from the U.S. to Costa Rica for cultural exchange with the remote communities Conexiones works with.   Their experience would include outdoor education and leadership skills training in conjunction with the World Youth Forum with Conexiones. Incredible Places(TM) with World Youth Forum and Conexiones will provide media mentoring and documentation as part of the Encanto Project, including documentation of scientists preserving the Tapir and Jaguar, two important endangered species.

As part of the Youth Ambassadors program  World Youth Forum with Conexiones   has successfully raised funds to bring youth to Geneva for United Nations conferences, participated in numerous international education efforts.

Activities for youth have included:

•  Exploring one of the most biodiverse jungles in the world

•  Interacting with the local people in a meaningful way

Youth Testimonials about Connections and CRCT:

“This has been a life changing trip to say the least. I feel so much more confident in trying new things – the food, meeting new people, jumping into rivers & speaking Spanish with locals.”

– 16 year-old Connections participant

“This experience was amazing and has definitely changed me forever!”

– 17 year-old\ Connections participant

“The experience was incredible and life changing”

•  16 year-old Connections participant.

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