Incredible Places

Incredible Places(TM) has been documenting biodiversity and environmental restoration within Costa Rica and features the work of Conexiones as they support the tiny communities and environments within the region identified as The Path of The Tapir, as well as notable leaders in sustainable living and conservation. We are using our footage to create educational media, curriculum, documentary, magazine articles and exhibits and installations that will eventually populate an educational center.

Media developed includes an explorative DVD with video about the five main conservation areas in Costa Rica. The video portion features the work of Costa Rica Conservation Trust, CEDERNA, Neotropica, Nectandra, Baru and other amazing groups. DVD developed initially shall serve as an educational supplement to their work and is intended for sponsored distribution to all visitors and group involved.  Content from the DVD shall be repurposed into internet presentations, immersive theatre and interactive exhibits.

Within the content we highlight current efforts and programs, and show how these groups support the tiny communities and majestic environments within the The Path of The Tapir.  We also include interviews with notable leaders and scientists in sustainable living and conservation; as well as the personal adventures and epiphanies of visitors to the area including Youth Ambassadors.

Media programming and the land trust shall be made available to visitors, scientists, conservation groups, educators and broadcast channels. Currently, the film component of the educational media has already begun with QTVR source, photography, and over 20 hours of footage, captured already including interviews with leaders in the area of conservation, local groups, scientists, and documentation of CRCT in 2004. .

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