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Creative Entity Org is dedicated to creating works of art and emerging media designed to enhance the quality of life for all beings. Our mission is to push the envelope of creativity and technology to educate, inspire, and/or create community. Our area of focus is to create emerging media relating to art, cultural exchange, education, with environmental and cultural topics as part of Incredible Places. We operate as a multimedia production company, publisher and producer of experiences.  Creative Entity Org is a non-proft project of Inquiring Systems Inc. 501(c)3.

Creative Entity Org Projects

Creative Entity Org projects include films, interactive and photographic exhibits, Internet sites, DVDs, mobile applications, immersive experiences, fine art creation, publishing, and similar engagements.


Incredible Places
The Incredible Places™ mission is to create new ways of experiencing the world’s natural and cultural resources in the form of traditional and multimedia explorations.Through the tools and experiences we create, we seek to inspire and educate others about our natural areas. In our experiences, we serve different NGOs and educators by communicating their work in an accessible way, serving our partnerships, their community and their needs.Projects Incredible Places creates include films, interactive experiences, exhibits, photography and products such as Encanto, Haleakala House of the Sun, Five Element Green Screen, and Incredible Oceans DVD.

TechThinkTank is a blog created to offer media providers, tech companies, and individuals a voice in the evaluation of vendors within emerging media field by the National Park Service as part of Renaissance of Interpretation. This is a public service offering by Creative Entity as part of Incredible Places Made For the Media ™ Suite of Interpretation Tools. As part of the outreach for our program, we are inviting providers in these sectors to express ideas, create conversation around collaboration, to help inform the National Park Service about their products and how they see themselves being involved.

The Amalgamation
The Amalgamation is the evolution of creativity and art. We are expressing this concept through data visualization, a 3D Wiki, as well as mixed media, and other forms of art inspired by the conversation.

The Amalgamation is also a conversation revolving around the evolution of creativity, symbolism and art. This transmutation of expression spans over five and a half thousand years, reflected in and by all aspects of our individual and shared culture, spiritual beliefs, as well as the life and history of mankind. This is done by a blog, as well as calls for submission to contemporary artists to create their vision of the evolution of art.

The Encanto Project
The Encanto Project is a conversation around sustainability in Costa Rica. It is a film, a series of exhibits within a global forum, internet and interactive experiences, a youth program and a land trust. Our vision is to capture interest, educate and inspire action to make change.

Made For The Media
Made For The Media™ Interpretative Tools have been designed to serve the needs of the National Park Service and similar organizations and to meet their demand for emerging media.

Made For The Media™ Interpretive Tools are designed on behalf of the National Park Service with compelling content delivered via emerging technology, with features and “abilities” customized for specific platform according to technology being used. Projects range from immersive domes, mobile applications with GPS driven augmented reality, interactive museum exhibits, Internet and virtual presentations as part of the NPS initiative. Other content includes films, DVDs and games.

In Development

Encanto, The Film


Haleakala House of The Sun

Noble Profit

A triple bottom line discussion around shifting investment ideals toward sustainable practices synergetic to enhancing the quality of life in coexistence with all life. The Noble Profit mission is to stimulate ideas and the sharing of resources towards a new paradigm of our social and economic fabric. We are inviting leaders in the field of social responsibility, triple bottom line investors, economists, scientists and others to contribute to the conversation, offer their stories, and examples of success.


Trauma Survival Guide

Instruments of the Forest

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